National Geographic ‘Thrilling Hikes’


Thanks to National Geographic for publishing one of my shots of the Besseggen ridge walk to illustrate the lead article in its ‘Thrilling Hikes’ series. The walk was one of the highlights of our trip to Norway in August 2013 and I have to agree with NG author Doug Schnitzspahn that it ‘serves up one of the best views on the planet’. I was lucky to get this image at all, as were descending through thick cloud shrouding the high point of the walk only minutes earlier. You can see the cloud base is just above our heads at this point but the sun has just broken through to throw patches of light onto the lake and the wonderful Jotunheimen mountains in the middle and far distance. The walk traverses a narrow ridge that separates lakes Gjende on the left of the photograph and Bessvatnet on the right. What is not obvious from the photo is that they are also separated by a vertical 600 meters! The waters of Gjende are fed by the meltwaters of the Memurubu glacier, which contain microscopic particles that give the lake its turquoise hue that contrasts with the inky clarity of the higher lake.

See the article and take a look at the other nineteen thrillers here:


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